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Digital Intermediate (DI)

Only films that are meticulously color graded by talented colorists would keep audience most involved. At SkillBell Technologies, our efficient digital intermediate (DI) process allows colorists to discover creative looks and effects using color and light. These effects are very sleek and slender such as highlighting a character’s face as she speaks; dramatic effects like adding light or removing it from a scene post-production.

From negative development and rushes transfers to 35mm re-recording, to telecine to digital cinema mastering, SkillBell Technologies delivers everything a motion picture needs. The integrated, collaborative SkillBell Technologies DI facility ensures that the power of color grading is unveiled in movie.

SkillBell Technologies digitize every single image of the film and apply imaging algorithms for special effects, color correction, contrast manipulation, restoration, dust busting, speed change effects, etc. Through DI process, SkillBell technologies provides access to digital imaging science and highly competent digital infrastructure.

Dust Bust

SkillBell Technologies cleanse the dirt off of an image initiated by the film scanning. Dust Busting boils down to the number of frames and is time consuming –much true to the fun out of digital film restoration. And SkillBell Technologies is a cost-effective answer to the otherwise costly industry of digital film restoration. We primarily offer to do your dust-busting chores.

Our dust-busting and digital film restoring services like dirt and scratches aid to elevate your film’s visual glory. We have sophisticated software that has a complete set of resolution independent tools to clean up and prepare plates for the VFX process such as dust busting, scratch removal, stabilization, and rig removal.

When you outsource dust-busting and other film refining issues to SkillBell Technologies, it is inevitable that you bank on experienced VFX artists, video editors whilst lower project cost and faster time to market.

Primary Color Correction

As part of the Digital Intermediate (DI) process, SkillBell Technologies provides digital color correction where client can maneuver color in real-time and achieves a desired look for film and digital projection, and various video formats.

Since every shot is addressed in real-time and at full resolution, sessions with our imaging supervisors give clients the liberty to strike the right color balance, overall look and creative design of the project.

SkillBell Technologies can also fine-tune the color, saturation and contrast in specific areas of individual scenes.

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